Here are a few ideas for ways to use the prayers from Gentle Word.

As a personal prayer experience, just you and your God.

With a prayer partner. Find someone you would like share with and then
you both sign-up for the same prayer beginning the same day. Then during
the week of the prayer meet 2 or 3 times and share with each other what
you have been experiencing.  Another way to for prayer partners to use
these prayers is to actually meet  each day to do the prayers together.

With a prayer group. A prayer group leader may want to use one of the
prayers as the basis for one of the meetings. Or a group may want to do an
entire retreat together. In this case they could sign up for the selected
prayer, but instead of doing it daily, do one prayer at each meeting.

As a personal witness. If you do your prayer time at work, you can tell
others you are on retreat that week when you go to be by yourself for your
prayer time. You'd be surprised the respect and interest something this
simple can generate.

If you have other ideas for using the Gentle Word prayer retreats, please
use the 'contact us' button to send them in and we'll add them.

May God bless your prayer.
Suggestions for using Prayers from Gentle Word