• Imagine what could happen if you spent just 15 minutes
    in prayer each day for a week.  

  • Imagine how your connection to the Divine could grow.

  • Imagine how your awareness of God's presence within
    you and in the world around you could expand.

  • Imagine having a prayer coach right there to help you
    each day with your prayer.

     All 7-Day Prayer Retreats are $7.50

You can subscribe to a prayer retreat either online using the PayPal
buttons or by going to the printable form below.

To subscribe to a Prayer Retreat online, click the PayPal button to
the left of the retreat name.

You will be asked to provide the date you wish your retreat to begin
as part of the payment process.
Praying for Others
Prayer in 4 Dimensions
Praying with the Nativity
To go to a sign-up form that can be mailed:

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