Praying for Others
        Day 1
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Praying for Others: DAY 1


Welcome to the first day of "Praying for Others." During the next seven days you will use a
four-part model to pray for others. Praying for others is also known as 'intercessory prayer.' Try
to find a time and place in your day when you can have an uninterrupted 15 minutes so you can
give yourself fully to this prayer experience. Your prayer time doesn't have to be the same time
or place each day. It is simply the time that is right for you on any particular day. You may even
find that the Spirit gives you a little nudge each day, helping you find the time and the place. You
may want to print out each day's prayer and carry it with you so that whenever and wherever the
'Spirit moves you' you will have your prayer.

To pray is to connect with God. Sometimes a physical object, a candle, a picture, a small cross,
prayer beads, or some other object with personal spiritual value aids that connection. During
your prayer this week you may want to set up a small space with an object or two that are
meaningful to you to help you enter into your prayer. Or you may decide to carry a special
object with you to set out wherever your prayer time occurs.

Part of today's preparation time will be spent discerning one or two people to hold in prayer for
the next four days as you learn the model. Trust that the person or persons the Spirit brings to
your mind are the ones for your prayer time for the next four days, even if you had someone
different in mind.

Let me share with you a few words about the Gentle Word prayer philosophy. We are each
unique. And just as we are unique, so is our relationship with God, and so is our prayer life.
During this week several types of prayer will be used.  You are encouraged to try the different
prayer forms, and in doing so embrace what works for you and leave the rest behind. Feel free
to substitute your own form of prayer if a suggested one isn't right for you. This is your time with
God. The most important thing you can do is to go where God's Spirit would lead you, even if
that doesn't seem to fit the day's direction.

May God bless your prayer today and every day.

Outward Preparation:

Find your prayer place for today. Be intentional in your mind and your body that you are going
to pray. You are opening a time and space to be with God. Place yourself in a comfortable
position and take a couple of deep breaths to relax. Turn your palms up with your fingers open
signifying your willingness to receive what God has for you today. This is today's prayer posture.

Inward Preparation:

As you hold today's prayer posture continue to breathe slowly and deeply. Now add to each
inhale the tiny prayer: "Fill me." And to each exhale add the tiny prayer: "Free me." Take 3-4
slow breaths using these tiny prayers. Listen with your inner self to what God would fill you with
today and what God would free you from today.

Now you are ready to ask God to show you the one or two people you will hold in prayer for the
next four days. Trust what comes. Write down the name(s).

Now you are ready to pray the first prayer of the model: "God, what is your prayer for this

Prayer Focus:

God's prayer for each of us is a perfect prayer because God knows each of us perfectly. God's
prayer for each of us is a vast prayer encompassing every part of our lives. It is a prayer of
perfect love, deep compassion, and infinite mercy. In our prayer today we ask God to give us a
glimpse of the person we are praying for as God sees them.

Offer the following prayer for each person you are praying for today:

God, what is your prayer for this person?


Sit quietly with this prayer in your mind and in your heart. Try to be open to whatever God will
show you about the one you are praying for. Free yourself from the need to prayer anything
else for this person today.

How does God see this person?
What does God's love of this person feel like?
How do you see this person now?

Reflect & Record:

Now take a few moments to reflect on what you've felt and the thoughts that came to you.
Perhaps you would like to write a few words about what you experienced about each person you
are praying for.

Prayer of Gratitude and Benediction:

God of love, God of mercy, thank you for the insights of today. Help me to see with your eyes
and love with your love a little more each day. Amen.

Copyright (c) 2006 Kathleen Shockley

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