• Praying with Scripture (Lectio Divina)

    Participants will learn and use forms of Lectio Divina to connect with the
    scriptures spiritually. Lectio Divina is based on faith in God speaking to us
    through all scripture. Lectio Divina, in its many forms, accesses the scriptures
    with the heart and spirit. The practice of Lectio Divina is an act of faith,
    believing that all scripture speaks to us and our life's circumstances each time
    we prayerfully go to them.
    The 1-hour class experiences two types of Lectio Divina.
    The 90 minute class experiences three types.

  • Praying for Others (Intercessory Prayer)

    Participants will learn and then be guided in the use of a 4-part model for
    praying for others. Each part of the model is a prayer itself.
    The four prayers are:

    1. God, what is your prayer for this person?
    2. God, what is my prayer?
    3. God, show me my barriers to my prayer.
    4. Is there anything you want me to say or do today for this person?

    The class includes a discernment exercise, prayer times, small large group

  • Tools for Prayer

    There are many things besides words that can help us focus our prayer and
    keep our hearts directed toward God. In this class participants will have the
    opportunity to experience some of the most popular prayer tools, candles,
    music, the labyrinth, and prayer beads, as supporters of the prayer life. This
    class is meant to be exploratory with the expectation that not every tool will be
    useful to every person.

  • The Labyrinth

    The labyrinth has such a variety of forms and uses that it easily fills a class by
    itself. Participants explore this powerful prayer tool in many forms. The
    labyrinth is an ancient symbol of journey, especially our journey to God. During
    the course of the class the group will create and pray a large walkable labyrinth
    and learn to make small personal labyrinths.

  • Deepening our Practice of Prayer

    This workshop is a prayer sampler introducing participants to a variety of
    prayer forms through personal experience.  The class can be customized for
    each group with the conveners choosing the prayer forms to be used. Some of
    the prayer forms to choose from are:  breath prayer, guided meditation, a brief
    introduction to Lectio Divina, a brief introduction to intercessory prayer, prayer
    postures, walking prayer, using prayer beads, and praying with creation.
    Conveners will work with Kathy to design their particular class.

  • Prayer in 4-Dimensions

    This workshop explores what it means to pray with our whole selves, mind,
    body, heart and soul. When we pray in four dimensions we commit ourselves
    totally to our prayer. This class is an adaption of the seven-day guided prayer
    retreat by the same name: Praying in 4 Dimensions Retreat.


one-hour,  good for adult forums  
90 minute expanded version


Classes are $8 per hour per person with an $80 minimum. This includes handouts
and workbooks.


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